What is in the tree? Why does it sing so merrily? Where does it find inspiration? When did it find it’s peace “inside”? Who gave it the breath of life? How did it find a perch in front of me?

On this particular day, I was working on a project with my husband and his group at a recording studio.  We had been working on tracks for their latest project.  I needed a break from the loud music and went outside to enjoy  a few minutes of “peace and quiet” and let the breeze blow through my hair.  As I was sitting on the porch, a bird happened to fly and perch in the tree just above the roofline.  It fluttered and preened and began to send out the most beautiful and clear  birdsongs or (bird calls)… I sat and listened until it flew away.  My mind meandered to the coloring of the bird and the leaves of the tree–perfectly camouflaged…I marveled at it’s grace and balance as the breeze caused the branches to sway…Enjoyed the blue of the sky…the green of the country…the wind caressing my skin…my eyes were closed as I heard a flutter of wings….and it was gone.