FRIENDSHIP: The Most Powerful Weapon In The Universe

Army Tank photo by B. Goodjoin

There is one thing that is more powerful and destructive than any bullet or bomb ever created. FRIENDSHIP!

Friendship, laughed and smiled, and learned your secrets, then spilled them to the world.

Friendship has broken up marriages in the blink of an eye; fractured families into a thousand pieces.

Friendship has torn up neighborhoods, turning neighbors into tormentors.

Friendship has corroded communities, casting insecurity on its’ cohesiveness.

Friendship has created treaties, then tricked its’ comrade into losing everything.

Friendship has toppled strong nations; replaced leaders with dictators with no heart.

Friendship has stabbed the midst of hearts, yet, left the heart beating to relive the pain.

Friendship has accepted help, then slapped the helping hand away.

Friendship has drank from the well first, then, cut the rope to the bucket.

Friendship has borrowed and begged to gain, then walked away with the last piece of bread, whilst you yet hunger.

Friendship has bought the land, then, sold it to the antagonist for profit.

Snake photo by B. Goodjoin

Friendship slithers into your heart to plunder, then slithers out to find a new friend to tear asunder.