My daughter was scrolling through my phone photos yesterday. I had photos of plants, places, my kids, and friends, but I only had one of myself.  for some reason (lol) she was surprised.   “Mom, this is the age of SELFIES“!

FYI  I am not one to spend time taking photos of myself in random outfits, posing to catch the best angle to flatter my image.  I love myself, but I would rather capture the beauty of nature and write about the wonders of the world. The addiction to taking selfies and using photo filters is so out of control that some people are actually requesting plastic surgery to look like their snapchat photos.  I was driving the other day and when I stopped at the traffic light, the driver  in the next lane was taking selfies instead of  paying attention to the traffic–and we wonder why there ae so many accidents on the road today.

I guess that I am “old fashioned” in the sense that I like what God gave me, and I don’t think I can improve on my looks or body.  Yes, I am slightly overweight. I don’t exactly look like a Barbie doll (but dolls are plastic) I am a human being and we are individuals, with different qualities.

As I scroll through different social media sites, the photos people take of themselves are countless.  The photos people post of their children are pretty much and invasion of their child’s right to privacy and just a tool for getting “LIKES” .  We should start by liking ourselves enough that public opinion shouldn’t matter.