He is a child–a 10 year old boy-child who wants to be treated like an adult, yet he still plays in the sand, building castles, then destroying them with his “wrecking ball” hand that swings through the air taller than any building and with the force of 1000 superhero’s!

He is almost as tall as I am, anxious to experience the thrill of making his own decisions…then looks to me to make things right when he does not achieve the desired results. This child-man or man-child knows that he has love and support from the adults around him.

He wants to choose his own meals (even tries to scramble and egg and fry sausage–supervised of course) but will not do the dishes until he is compelled to do so. Lesson learned-you cook, you clean.

He is not yet at the point of falling for a girl (thankfully), but, it’s okay if they want to be in his club of magical friends–if they have a super-power, or, if they are really, really smart. I laugh…with joy!

He is a child who wants to grow up way too fast, not realizing that the world is full of dangers that counter the good. He is only just beginning to recognize the “favoritism” that is shown to some people depending on who they are or the color of their skin. Asking why people are just plain stupid and not fair to everybody….I sadly, try to explain, but find words to sometimes be inadequate as I shake my head in understanding…He listens, then it’s back to cartoons and world of pretense where he can fly and out maneuver the evils that are faced…if only (I think to myself with an air of pessimism).

I wish that he could stay a child and be protected from the realities of life, yet, I know that he must one day chart his own path. Childhood is just a training field to learn how to manage and hopefully succeed in this world…So, for now, enjoy every moment. Listen and learn from the “grown-ups” who truly care about you. Be adventurous-we will catch you if you fall. Be joyful-we will laugh with you. When you cry-we will dry your tears. When you are hurt-we will care for you. We strive to be role models of leadership, parent-ship and relationships, that you can count on and build upon. Appreciate and learn from us now, for tomorrow, you will have to face the world on your own.