This poem, I wrote years ago, is one of the first ones I recorded. I initially wrote it because I have a habit of nicknaming my children, friends and sometimes even my pets by their attitudes. “Thunder and Lightening” are the code words for two people who are near and dear to me, but they don’t get along. Snow is the person in my life who is quiet and never causes problems.

Storm was a cat I had years ago. One day I had the windows up in my house and he ripped the screen and ran off (I laugh and say, “he is like a typical man, give him everything and he still chases something else”…

I was encouraged to record my poetry by a good friend who recently passed. Tim was one of the most gifted people I have ever known. He was an excellent musician, singer, writer, teacher, and mentor. He was upbeat and loved to talk, laugh, and was extremly philosophical. As he rests in Heaven, I hope he knows how much he is loved and will be missed.