Originating from the ground or from the roots of trees, they come silently, growing overnight with an unbelievable strength. They creep, crawl, slink, and grab without a sound. Nothing can withstand their strength and cunning–No man can destroy them, they are backed by the superior knowledge and skill of nature!

The Strength of a Wall (Photo by B. Goodjoin)

Their mask of innocence is the “green of spring,” The favorite color of mankind . . . Our senses are dulled as they (the vines) beautifully drape themselves over walls. We stand in glory as they cover pergolas giving us shade from the sun. We stand in awe at the dexterity that allows them to soundlessly climb trees, and even the walls of our homes . . . We, not realizing that we are indeed being over-run as invisible cracks appear (though hidden by luscious growth). Foundations, begin the weaken and give way (in the slowest of motion).

The Silent Take-over (Photo by B. Goodjoin)

Before we realize it, the damage is done. The tiny cracks and missing bricks that were hidden by the beauty of vines appear suddenly as the wall falls into an unglamorous heap. Our foreheads wrinkle in thought and confusion as we wonder “how it happened” or “why didn’t we notice something sooner?

Brick wall eroded by vines. Photo taken at the Greenville Downtown Post Office
Photo by B. Goodjoin

The March of the Vines (Sung to the tune of the Ants Go Marching)

The vines creep silently over the wall, hurrah, hurrah!

The vines creep silently over the wall, hurrah, hurrah!

They come without a sound and then,

They start to work as the walls weaken

and the bricks come tumbling down, to the ground.

We start building again, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!


Published by B. Goodjoin

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