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What lies in the space
that separates you and me--
Is it as empty as it seems?
White space between words on a page
Black spaces like the holes in space
that yearn to be filled with a hand, touch or word.
Yawning space to be observed
yet, still, needing to be filled by a thought or caress or
anything that will fill the hole left bereft.
I do not care for the space
that separates you and me.
Space that is filled by differences
as deep as the sea.
A space that is so narrow, yet so wide,
Space that envelopes
like an unending sky.
I need the space that separates
you from me.
Space in which I can grow
being free to be me--
Space in which I can unfurl
my tucked in wings
and strengthen them for
the tests ahead
that I must face on my own.
What lies in the space
that separates you from me?
The space is filled with opportunities
we have yet to see.
Space that is filled with roads
waiting for the signs
That we will leave
When we decide which way to go.
What lies in the space
that separates you from me?
It depends on the moment
It depends on our needs.
Sometimes hope--with a dash of fear
Then there is love for those we hold dear.
There is hate and malice
and murderous ire—
There is patience and lust with wholesome desire.
It is a space full of life
with moments of death.
There is mystery and pain
of youth and of age.
The space is a space
that holds all that is desired.
The space is full
of ashes from past fires.
What lies in the space
that separates you and me?
In one word…

Published by B. Goodjoin

I love the craft of writing! Having the opportunity to travel and get to know different people, cultures, and lands, not only broadens the scope of experience, but also expands the creativity of mind and spirit. Within this site, you will find the random daily musings that I find interesting. Being a person who enjoys reading, I will also comment on different articles, books, and poems that are appealing to me in some respect. As you peep into the window of my mind, I hope you find inspiration, hope and understanding in my original poetry of "twisted words and untangled thoughts".