Fall! The season of changing leaves and cooler weather, and Thanksgiving.  I love the look and smell of Fall!  Here in SC the leaves have began the  ritual of changing color.  The mornings and evenings are very cool, and the days are just gorgeous.   Great for longs walks, and playing outside.

What does fall smell like?  It smells fresh and cool in the mornings as I enjoy my hot tea on the back porch.

What does fall sound like? Sometimes I wrap myself in a blanket as I enjoy the early morning peace of glistening stars and chirping insects and croaking frogs.  The birds start their first songs of the day before sunrise. I can hear the sounds of automobiles in the distance–sometimes the deep rumble of trucks on the highway.  Often I hear the engines of airplanes as their blinking lights cross the sky.

What does fall feel like? It feels like love.  Sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Usually refreshing, even when its raining.  The first frost is invigorating. It’s a time of warning to prepare for the winter that is sure to come.

What does fall look like? It looks like the rainbow in the sky dripped color into nature. The trees adorn themselves in gay colors and as the leaves age, turn brown and fall, they look like rain, only bigger and more colorful–  Of course, the evergreens are always green…just to remind us that spring and summer are just a few short months away.

Fall is the perfect time to slow down, enjoy the beauty of nature, and enjoy time with family and friends over dinner.