The Fish Bowl by B. Goodjoin
I look through the glass, bumping it to test it's strength,
a convex stretches and bends what I assume to be reality.
Inside, my fears are few, just a need for water and food;
If I could step across the threshold, a giddiness would ensue.
The adventure of foreign lands, the experience of touching--holding,
sensations of air on skin/scales/fins- all would be frighteningly new.
Racing around the interior, practicing leaps to escape,
dreaming of freedom, the first orgasmic gulp of pure air
As I glide through space is so tantalizing;
Study, plan, sleep, ready to attempt the greatest leap!
In comes the cat, giant paw-sharp claws disturbing the peace
of my watery home, invading my personal space!
I dive deep for cover, eyes rolling in fear, dreams dashed
as I seek cover beneath stones.