Inhale…Exhale….In Hell…Excel

There will always be someone who comes along to cause strife in the middle of our peace. That is where the envious find joy.  Even in the middle of blessings, things occur that simply throw life out of whack and seem to tear us to the very core.

Keep on breathing and believing.  No matter what comes along, remember that it is only a temporary


By Barbara Goodjoin 


In Hell…Excel

The breath and life of me

keeping me going

despite the wars I face

just to survive another day.

Breath that sustains the heart–

invigorating the mind

that refuses to dwell

on injustice and on wrong

constantly looking for the good

in all who come along.


In Hell…Excel

Breathing in an air

that smells of disgrace

Expelling the dioxides

full of wrongs that I have faced.

In Hell is where

you may prefer me to be

Yet I dare to excel to get

to my destiny.


In Hell…Excel



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