A Poem of Origin. A Poem of Praise

Black swan in pond (photo by B. Goodjoin)

I am the dark coffee that brews early in the morning

Before the break of day.

5 feet 2 inches of time ticking, ticking, ticking that

Loud tick-tock of the clock as the

Alarm readies to sound the

Changing of seasons from summer to fall.

Like a chameleon of form, I can soar to heights

Far above the clouds and

Lick the snow-capped mountain peaks.

I morph into the lowest depths of earth and tend the

Flow of Nature ( Photo by B. Goodjoin)

Jewels that glitter and grow in the depths of my soul.

…And still I rise as a stream flowing into a running creek

that merges into an endless ocean of blue . . .

 an ocean that gives birth to hurricanes with the

Ever-watching eye of peace that leaves

Calamity in its wake.

 I am amazing.

Sun-Kissed Soles (Photo by B. Goodjoin)

Published by B. Goodjoin

I love the craft of writing! Having the opportunity to travel and get to know different people, cultures, and lands, not only broadens the scope of experience, but also expands the creativity of mind and spirit. Within this site, you will find the random daily musings that I find interesting. Being a person who enjoys reading, I will also comment on different articles, books, and poems that are appealing to me in some respect. As you peep into the window of my mind, I hope you find inspiration, hope and understanding in my original poetry of "twisted words and untangled thoughts".