Rising long before the sun, I opened the blinds covering the windows; I unlocked the front door and went outside. It was cold and dark, except for the occasional lights of random cars passing by. I felt a breeze–smelled the odor of rain on the way. Rain would start falling in less than 15 minutes was my guestimate. I smiled.

According to my husband, I have an uncanny way of sensing the time of events, like rain or snow, illness, and phone calls (telephone telepathy) if you will. It comes from years of observation, I believe. Practicing AWARENESS of sound and smell. Noticing that people have patterns of action that are hard to break. It’s all about observation.

Take a moment just to sit still and feel what your internal body and mind are experiencing. Notice the temperature, the sounds your body makes, the rate at which you breath, the sounds in your environment.

Use your sense of hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch to do more that just indulge in things that bring you pleasure. When is the last time you actually sat quietly and listened to a person–looking into their eyes–noticing how their breathing changes with different emotions, hearing their heartbeat, empathizing, and realizing that you are one spirit even though you are not the same physical body…