A Simple Kindness

There was nothing unusual about the start of the day. I awakened before the alarm rang out the hour–nothing unusual for me. The shower was a comfortable temperature, and after I dried and dressed for the day, my tea was hot and ready to be poured. I opened the cabinet to get my cup and enjoyed my moments of quietness.

After the tea, I strummed my guitar and listened as my favorite neighbors (the birds) sang their morning song. As I prepared to leave for work, it began to rain…slowly at first and then, a heavier rainfall that drummed against the rooftop, and ran in rivulets across the driveway and beyond. As I grabbed the umbrella and keys, my husband came into the den saying, “Honey, I will take you to work and drop you off at the door so that you don’t have to cross the puddles.” Yes, I was thrilled that even after all the years of marriage, that he cared enough to leave the warmth of our home to brave the weather for my benefit. A simple kindness, yes, but the thought and action worth more than a rose or a diamond for Valentine’s day.