Today, I was being watched.  I was at an event and a pair of 3-year old eyes became fixated on me as I played my bass guitar.  After the program I put my guitar in the case and the child walked up and tried to lift it.  I was close by so I took it from the case and held it for her.  Her parents were there also  🙂 . The child pulled at the strings and yelled a few words of a “brilliant” song of her own creation.  It was awesome!

The moral of this story is that there are people, of every age, who look, listen, and learn what catches their attention.  Good or bad, the things we do can and will be emulated by those who want to follow us.  It’s one thing to say and do the right things when we know we are being observed, but what about the things we do when we “think” no one is around.  In todays world, we are never alone.  There is always a camera or a hot mic somewhere when we least expect it.

I am thankful that the girl was so thrilled to play and sing and I hope that there is a lot of joyful music in her future.  Thanks also to her parents (both Mom and Dad) who were with her.


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