Feeding the Birds

Today I went shopping for bird feeders.  I haven’t had one in years, but felt like It was necessary to buy a couple today.  The world is toxic with hate and intolerance.  The political climate is a mess. The only place to feel a little peace is at home, so why not do a little something to bring nature to my door.

I have seen a multitude of birds eat from feeders.  They get their fill and leave and when they are hungry again, they come back.  Yes. birds have an almost indispensable food supply with bugs, mosquitos, worms, and natures seeds. I can’t really justify the expense except to say that having the birds so close at hand relaxes me.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people would take care of each other, the way we take care of our pets.  A person gets more jail time for abusing an animal that for abusing another human being.  A person who loves their animals will go hungry in order to be sure that their pets are getting enough to eat.  We talk to our pets a lot nicer than we talk to each other.